Update password from the PHPMyAdmin

Sometimes, don't know why the Password cant able to access or Password is wrong. So if you are a developer or you can manipulate Database or you are familiar with Database, you can follow this guide to update the password.

  1. Log in to your PHPMyAdmin and find the Database that you are using for the website
  2. Find in the DB table Users > column Password
  3. The pass you need to input to Password field is "$2y$10$Gs.soE9Xw2Y0yYSCSph1RuqlN/LN4ZGC/V23iP82sLd/YRi6tYTOm
  4. After inputting, just need to click outside the field => updated password successful
  5. The pass will be "admin123"
  6. After login to the Dashboard (yourlink/admin), you can update password as the normal